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After a period of inactivity, his stardom returned with The Jolson Story (1946), for which Larry Parks played Jolson, with the singer dubbing for Parks.

The formula was repeated in a sequel, Jolson Sings Again (1949).

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If all goes well, you’ll start seeing each other regularly.

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In 1950, he again became the first star to entertain GIs on active service in the Korean War, performing 42 shows in 16 days. S., partly owing to the physical exertion of performing.

Defense Secretary George Marshall posthumously awarded him the Medal of Merit. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, "Jolson was to jazz, blues, and ragtime what Elvis Presley was to rock 'n' roll." Being the first popular singer to make a spectacular event out of singing a song, he became a rock star before the dawn of rock music.