Lds dating fireside ideas

Today many wards and stakes continue to do road shows with their youth.

These have typically been under the direction of the Young Men/Young Women organizations.

From Mark Grainger of Utah: When entering the dating world can I offer a little piece of advice?

Try not to get ahead of yourselves 😊 You might meet someone you totally gel with and have lots in common with, or with whom you just love being around them!

Under the direction of the Bishop, a Ward Music Chairman may organize musical programs for various ward activities, firesides, or perhaps a special Easter or Christmas program in sacrament meeting. This is a perfect solution to allow ward members to perform music that isn’t necessarily sacrament meeting approved.

Try organizing a Sunday evening musical fireside where members can share their musical skills through classical music, EFY music, or African-American spirituals.

Anecdotally, I know far more single women who are active in the Church than single men.

I’ve witnessed first hand what can happen when the bubble you created around someone bursts.

As a single Latter-day Saint, church experiences are different from the “norm.” I took some time to talk with a dozen or so singles and former singles (particularly those who spent some real time being single past the age of 21) and invited them to tell the rest of us what they’d like us to know about their experience as singles in the Church.

Generally speaking, we singles share in common the fact that we’re single and LDS.

But beyond those two characteristics, we are each very much individuals with our own histories.