Jade raymond dating david jaffe

She's not some young vixen or booth babe mouthpiece.

She knows what she's talking about in interviews and doesn't sound like she's reading everything off a teleprompter. She is clearly an educated person that has been in a producer role for a bunch of diffrent games.

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But do understand the difference between a manager and a creative director.

While I won't post the comic in the forum, I will provide this LINKto the controversial Jade Raymond comic strip. in many cases the producer/manager tends to be a better mouth piece than a director or developer, at least before more and more people in the industry got PR training or just stepped forward.

Would you like more publishers to objectify women who have little to do with the industry in the hopes of garnering more female participation in the industry? It seems like the message here is that a woman can't be a good video game designer if she seems attractive? In Assassin's Creeds case Patrice Désilet got in a background but that can also be because he self wanted it that way.

Since the first time I saw a photo of the sexy Jade Raymond, I'd always thought...

Come on, there are so few female game producers and most of them know jack all about videogames.