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He hears screaming—as well as what sound like whispering voices coming from beneath the ground.

The sun setting, our naive hero of the high school football squad descends into the lead mines to find them…

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She previously did the “Tournée du chat noir de la lune” shirt which has sold on various shirt a day sites.

You can buy that and other products she’s sold at her Red Bubble store.

In what sounds like the plot of a bad horror film, we read that “kids in Picher, Okla., are exposed to lead, and the ground is at risk of cave-ins” due to the “abandoned mines beneath the city.” Turns out the whole town is now under “voluntary buyout” by the US government because the place is so polluted that no one should be living there.

Tailings from abandoned lead and zinc mines are to blame; indeed, there are “giant gray piles of mining waste, known locally as ‘chat,’ some hundreds of feet tall and acres wide, that loom over abandoned storefronts and empty lots.” [Image: “Chat piles” looming round the “abandoned storefronts and empty lots” of Picher, OK; photo by Matt Wright, author of the article I’ve been quoting.