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There are many friends around us but we don’t treat all of them in the same way.

Sometimes both the friends of the opposite sex are not ready to accept each other as lovers but there comes a time when both are apart from each other they realize how strong bond they had after all.

While many welcome you to join, do you sometimes feel like you are hanging out with your son or daughter?

Most dating sites and clubs won’t even consider taking on women over 40.

Or you can find who wants to try out that new restaurant or new cafe via our date ideas tool.

Simply post a date suggestion or ask someone out on a date they've suggested!

If you have a got a best friend opposite in sex and you are feeling some kind of unusual affection with him/her then you might be wondering can my best friend be my lover? However, you need to be very careful in dealing your best friend.

Send Message Ref ID:beb410e3-1a69-43bb-9efa-c607d1580de2 What I'm after? Please feel free to reach out and contact, lets see how we connect.

Friends/buddies/pals for chatting, coffee, drinking, cinemas, hiking, etc. After 5 yrs in HK, my London accent is starting to go :( . Enjoy your day :) Send Message Ref ID:440825df-435a-4562-9580-faf7fa152dbd I am a 25 south african woman who frequent hong kong and would like to have a hong kong native to show me around n go out n have fun with or maybe more"I would love that" Send Message Ref ID:061f9380-81d6-427e-adea-f81c7d865387 50 Fun Loving Friends Do you find most friends sites and Meet Up groups are made up of people in their 20's and 30's?

Look younger than I should be ( heart as well ) Wish to get some interesting . Send Message Ref ID:a3b4fd4c-c816-4bd6-bcce-b101dff73801 HI. Women, men and couples as well as good ideas more than welcome. Looking for quality friends to dine and chat with, or alternatively meet for a quiet social drink (live Central area) Not looking for much, just looking to pass some time alone outside work, travel with conversation and maybe explore a little of HK.

Would also be very cool if there is a few people so that we can open a whatsapp group to organize a nice dinner, a junk boat cruise or something else. So if anyone is up for coffee/cinema or other activities in Sha Tin area in the mornings, give me a buzz. :) whatsapp/wechat/line Send Message Ref ID:7218c7f8-ebbe-494c-9d21-4ffe16a35eac Hello, Aussie male new to HK, not new to Asia.