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For me, the strength of this book arises from Cherniavsky’s argument that theory, honed in critique of the modern nation-state, is insufficient to map the terrain of the still-emergent political order.Thus, she turns to fiction to highlight the diffuse forms of domination and new figurations of agency emerging from a steady barrage of consumerism and constant surveillance.Axel, bored with his mundane life, targets him to humiliate and discredit the family. Which, if he kept setting up shop outside of Tifa's cafe, might have been a very real possibility. No one was supposed to find out, get caught, or fall in love.What neither of the two expected was to fall in love. M for language, underage alcohol consumption, and adult situations. [Akuroku][Oneshot]Axel makes a living off of his thievery, but what does he do when he is caught in the act by a teen, especially when the teen helps him? [Axelx Roxas, Rikux Sora]Axel is a pilot..Roxas is the Flight Attendant!Which means telling me what you love or hate about it, mentioning anything I could possibly do to improve and things like that. ; D* Dreamy Duskywing dedicated chapter seven and eight of her fantastic fic; 'Away With The Faeries' to me :) *hugs* fayexsilo (Deviant drew me this cute picture of Roxas from my fic 'Axel and Demyx go shopping' * Emo-Kaylah (Deviant Drew Roxy and Zexy for me A decade apart and he still remembered her. He’ll show them what he’s made of, but there’s something telling him he won’t have the chance. But when he meets Roxas, an ordinary student, his 'punishment' doesn't seem so unfair anymore. rated for swearing Axel really didn't want to know why Marluxia's bizarre tentacle plants were climbing up his legs or why the man had tentacle plants in the first place. Roxas’ parents think he’s being anti social so they ship him off to Camp Spotlight with his annoyingly upbeat cousin Sora.Marinette contacts her childhood friend in hopes of rekindling their forgotten relationship despite him being a celebrity, only to assume him to be someone else entirely. In a world overrun by the supernatural, Roxas' family hunts them— as leaders of the resistance to win freedom for humanity. [Oneshot][Implied Axel Marluxia Axel plus general crack]Axel saw him every day. And Axel was going to capture his image with paint if it killed him. At first Roxas thinks this will be the summer from hell but once he arrives he realizes…He’s Right! Roxas, smart and reserved, was supposed to switch places with his younger twin Sora, athletic and social, and take the final exams for him.In a mash-up of contemporary pop and political culture that includes and Occupy Wall Street (OWS), the book offers glimpses onto the new political landscape emerging as neoliberal forms of politics disrupt the modern social contract.Ultimately, Cherniavsky suggests that the foreclosure of liberal, representative democracy might open up possibilities for a politics of the multitude, and asks what may be gained or lost in the process.

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