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Prior to meeting Allison, Clayton had many past failed relationships and realized that he was trying to fill a void in his life with another person that only God could fill.

Matthew states, Before meeting Allison, Clayton truly yielded his desire to be married to the Lord.

She’s horny and craves intimacy, but without the pressure to date. Single again at 27, I was determined to challenge the latent expectations that had rushed me into a doomed commitment.

She wants to learn from these couples; to be taken care of, and folded in their love. Through the venn diagram of New York scenes (fetish, poly, bdsm, burner), I met many people who’d custom-built relationships based on love and optimism, rather than fear of loneliness.

To be a Christian is to desire that the Gospel saturate every area of your life.

Take advantage of this amazing season in your life to use any extra time to dive into the Word of God and let it take shape in your heart.

While some of the anecdotes are from heterosexual couples, the stories are equally relevant to LGBT couples.

We’ve rounded up three great, new books to help with the unique issues and challenges that come with midlife relationships: getting back into dating, understanding how sex is different now and finding places that spark romance.

(MORE: Back on the Market: Difficulties of Midlife Dating) series is one of my favorites, and Schwartz’s book is a good addition.

focuses on getting started on your dating adventures.

We cover what you need to know as you begin your journey.